Trading Down

Trading Down

There are significant advantages to trading down and downsizing your home. Sometimes smaller can be better. If you are spending less on mortgage payments, there is extra money for other needs.

Fewer rooms and smaller spaces cut down on the time taken to clean and maintain your home, creating time for more enjoyable activities. Less square footage leads to lower utilities bills. A smaller home can reduce stress, due to less responsibility, smaller workload and greater flexibility.

However, trading down can be a daunting prospect. Ideally, the smaller home should be near the former home, so links to family, friends, neighbours, hobbies and communities can be maintained. The smaller properties that will reduce costs and stress in the long term may need to be found, surveyed, purchased, redesigned and redecorated in the short term. There is less room for extended family and guests, so lots of thought has to go into accommodation design within the smaller home. Families used to larger spaces need clever design to get optimum use from the smaller spaces. Clever design and space management mean that the financial and stress benefits of home downsizing are achieved while lifestyles are refreshed and maintained.

Belinda Rohan provides and coordinates a full range of trading down services for people who require a smooth and stress-free project to locate, survey, purchase, redesign and redecorate a downsized home.

If you considering trading down or downsizing your home and would like advice from Belinda, please contact her on +353‑87‑673 8432.